Rowe Pottery Works

Rowe Pottery began production in Cambridge, WI in 1974 as a one man potter’s studio. We have grown over our 36 years in business but have always stayed true to the craft’s traditions.

Our factory continues to bustle with people, a lost art of its own these days, all using traditional methods and techniques of pottery making.

Each piece of pottery begins as a raw lump of clay that is transformed into a mug, platter, vase or dinnerware piece by an artisan. Each piece of greenware is ready for firing after it has been glazed or hand decorated.

In the back room of Rowe Pottery stands a kiln the size of a small garage. Carts, known as cars are stacked high with greenware, and are ready for the final 14 hour firing process. A fully loaded car is pulled into the kiln where the temperature is slowly raised to drive out the water and burn out the impurities in the clay. When the kiln has cooled again after the firing process it is opened. There is always an element of surprise as each piece is taken from the kiln. The firing process accents the glazes and the decorator’s brush strokes, highlights of the touch of the potter’s hands burnishes the color of the clay or glaze to a unique complexion making each piece individualized.